Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sienna Cardi and Painting

I've been working like a fiend on the Sienna Cardi. I've finished the back and the two front panels. I tacked them together last night to test the fit and the length seems fine. I can't tell yet about the circumference, but I'm sure once it's sewn together, and the button and button hole panels are knitted, it will be great. I'm thinking about going on a flea market treasure hunt for some appropriate antique buttons.

Here is a close up of the lace cable. It will look a lot better once it's blocked and the button and button hole panels are knitted. You can see the yarn is kind of fuzzy. I think that is the llama. This yarn sheds like crazy and is pretty loosely spun.

And it's Tuesday! That means studio time. I've been working on the same painting as before. It's shaping up. The colors are still pretty raw and there is not enough transition between colors and dark/lights. Also that leg on the right is super chunky. Here's a view in progress:

Here I've fixed the foot a little and cleaned up the background:

This one is tuned up a little more:

But here's what I'm really excited about. I've been unhappy with how tightly I've been painting and wanted to work from a mark oriented point of view. I've been thinking a lot about the painter Joan Mitchell (not the singer, who is a pretty good visual artist, but the Abstract Expressionist). She's never really been an artist I was interested in. I respected her, but wasn't really moved by her work. Wow! What a difference time makes! I've been looking at her paintings and am in complete awe. Anyway, after I had done all I could on the boy, I decided to use up the paint on my palette and be very direct. No outlines, no filling in. Here's the result. I know, it may look a mess, and it's obviously not finished, but it's really satisfying to me.


del said...

The cardi looks great so far; I love that color! And the flea market button idea is a good one.

As always, I'm loving the paintings.

Sharon G. said...

Your cardi looks fabulous - can't wait to see it finished.

I'm really enjoying seeing your painting come to life. What a great idea taking pics as you go along. Can't wait to see how the next one will morph.

Tricotine said...

WOW!!! You are good at Drawing and Painting! :-)

Beautiful Lace also!

You got all talents, didn't you?

Isabelle aka Tricotine

Susan said...

Your painting says summer to me- the summers of my childhood. It captures that carefree feeling.

I love where the loose, use-up-the-paint-on-the-palette painting is going. I bet the energy it has right now will carry through into the finished product!

vtwopoint5 said...

The lace edging on the cardi looks great - a very nice touch! And you knit it up so fast!

I also love to watch your painting evolve. I'm glad you share that with us :)