Thursday, December 07, 2006

Super Wonderful Day

I've been having a really great day. Why? Well, yesterday was the last day of regular classes. My students and I are all grateful for that. I got an early start this morning and went into the office to grade papers and finish up some leftover business. I was ready for a break around 11:30 and DH called to ask me to lunch.

We went downtown to the healthfood store where they have just started serving lunch. All they have right now is organic salads, but it was great. Just what I needed. After we were done eating, we shopped a little and here's what I bought:

They had these sesame sticks on the salad bar and they were so yummy, I had to buy some. The candied ginger is for some Christmas biscotti I'm going to make next week for gifting. And the other 3 bags are my sachet popurri makings. One bag contains rose petals, one contains lavender, and the other is flax seed. The girl at the store suggested that for filler. What a great idea. I hadn't thought of filler. But it's smooth and small and gives the bags a little weight, not to mention, it makes the smell good stuff go farther. I'm thinking these would make good teachers' presents. Here's a picture of 2 of the filled bags. I have 3 more to fill, but the liners aren't sewn up yet.

I couldn't show you the bar of organic dark chocolate with candied ginger in it, cuz DH & I ate it while we browsed the used book store across the street. There's nothing like a good salad and a bar of chocolate to make your afternoon a breeze.

When I got home, one of my colleagues sent me this in an email. It's an animated drawing of a female figure. It's really cool. Check it out.

Another good thing. I won some fantastic Koigu from Beth during her celebration of the opening of her spinning store. She sent me a message today that she's ready to ship. I'm super excited about it and very grateful.

Yes, yes, I know. I'm very lucky and quite spoiled.


Anonymous said...

That was an awesome video! I was transfixed... I'm going to have to watch it again later.

I love the sachets. I'm going to make me some from the Holiday IK, but it won't be until after Christmas for sure.

P.S. Gonna join the Enid-Along?

Anonymous said...

What a neat post :)

And yes, you deserve to be spoiled. Glad you had such a great day!

del said...

That was a cool video--wish I was so talented.

Those little bags are very cute & will be great gifts. Your day sounded perfect--and congrats, you deserve it!

sandra said...

You really deserve to be spoiled!

elabeth said...

Those sachets are really nice. That's the same horseshoe lace pattern I used on a baby blanket not too long ago. I love that lace.

Allison said...

I've spent much of my morning eating organic sesame sticks! I just couldn't stop myself.
I love your sachet bags- a really cool idea.

Sharon G. said...

That link was too cool - thanks for sharing!

Your sachet are awesome - what a great gift idea. You know, you can also heat up the flaxseed in the microwave and they'll retain some heat. It makes a good stuffing for small heat pads stuffed with lavender. I had a small one that I would use on my daughter's belly whenever she got gassy.