Monday, June 04, 2007

Just not that into it.

Hi All.

I haven't been knitting at all. I made the bonnet to go with the vintage baby jacket and was not pleased. It appears too large. I know my kids had melon heads as babies, but really! I need a large headed 9 month old to try it on and see if it' just me or the bonnet.


I'm not frustrated or upset about knitting, just a little too busy to be fussing with iffy patterns, you know? Summer has begun and I'm home with the kids. We have been trading visits with friends, trying to teach the kids the art of sociability, a skill DH & I sorely lack. Their kids over here, our kids over there, repeat, repeat, repeat...

Baseball season is finally over, thank the stars. Oh, what a shitty season #1's team had. It was painful to watch. Especially painful on Sunday afternoon from 1-4 with the sun in full force. I have decided I don't like baseball for kiddies. It's too competitive, too stressful, and the parents are just awful. Something about it makes even mild mannered parents turn into raving fanatics. Well, we have a year to decide if we're going to do it again. Bleah!

June is completely scheduled out. This Wednesday we're taking the boys on a road trip to DC. We'll be driving for 2 & 1/2 days, just 5 or 6 hours daily, so they don't get too burned out in the car. We have a DVD player in the vehicle, which they are hardly ever allowed to use, so we plan to stock up on new movies and let them wallow in their new toy to their little hearts' delight. Add some new coloring books, and a couple of hand held electronic toys (use of these is restricted as well, so the boys will think they're getting away with something) and we're set.

Have I ever mentioned I went to grad school in DC? I haven't been back since I graduated, so it'll be weird to be there as a tourist. I didn't have much time for anything but going to art museums and painting while I was there, so it'll be fun to explore a little. The boys are really excited about seeing the Capitol and the Air and Space Museum. I'm looking forward to the National Zoo and the National Cathedral. I plan on bringing some yarn and needles and knitting in the car.

As soon as we return we are visiting my family for a few days, then we are taking a quick trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a Business/Semi-fun trip. Then June will be over, and I'm hoping for lazy days with a cool drink beside the pop up pool watching the boys flail in the water.


vtwopoint5 said...

Your plans sound like the making of a very nice summer. I know what you mean about kids' sports. The cons can be so frustrating because most of them are so unnecessary.

I hope all of your trips go really well and are lots of fun for you and your family!

sandra said...

OMG, your schedule is totally full! Good luck with all acitivities!

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the knitting...I went through that, and know I'll go through it again. And baseball IS insane...I just don't get it. It seems to be the same no matter where you go.

I hope the road trip is fun & safe for you guys!

Sharon said...

Girl, I hear you about the knitting...maybe your mojo ran away with mine? I'm sure it'll pass. In the meantime, enjoy your (packed) summer!