Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy Day and New Fair Isle

Something highly unusual happened this morning in south Mississippi: it snowed! Rarely do we get such a treat. The last time I can remember it snowing here was when #1 was a year and a half, so that was around 6 and a half years ago. The boys were so excited this morning. I warned them it wouldn't last long, so they suited up and ran around in the slush for a while.

I decided it was the perfect photo op to show #1's new fair isle:

Here he is wearing my boots. His are worn out. I wanted you to see how the sweater fits overall. The sleeves aren't uneven. #1 could only find 1 glove, so he's tucking his hand up inside the sweater. All in all it turned out pretty well.

We had very little accumulation, but here's what my street looked like at the height of the "snowstorm".

My camelia japonicas weren't too bothered by the weather, but they're just now starting to bloom, so time will tell:

I've been working on my Basic Blue and sorting through all that felt I made last fall. I'll post about both of those next time.


vtwopoint5 said...

The sweater looks great! He looks very happy to be in some snow - what fun for you guys!

Sandra said...

great sweater! You really manage fair-isle!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you finished the sweater just in time. It's gorgeous & fits #1 beautifully! He looks great in it.

Nik said...

you've made some beautiful classics.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Your sweater is beautiful. He looks good and happy in it.