Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Very Pink Post.

I hope you are all having a lovely day. It's been busy, but nice for me. I made cupcakes for #1's class party. I used a yellow cake recipe and a vanilla frosting dyed pink, but the chocolate lace hearts are what make the cakes. I melted chocolate chips and put the liquid chocolate in a pastry bag with a small round tip and piped hearts onto wax paper. When the chocolate set, I peeled them from the paper and stuck them in the icing. Most of the cupcakes have one big heart and one small heart.

Don't adjust your dial. I made 2 batches of icing and the second turned out lighter than the first.

Every year we make home made valentines for the kids' parties. This year we used commercial craft felt and card stock. There were 7 this size and 50 half this size. I've got to get these in the mail to the grand parents. I'm a little late.

For the teachers I made these sachet bags. I used recycled felt from sweaters and made a little liner bag out of cotton. They are filled with organic lavender and flax seed. They smell divine, and I'm glad a made a few extra.

The sachets are sitting on the Valentine's Day sweater I'm making. It's my own pattern and I'd hoped to have it finished in time to wear tonight. We have reservations and a babysitter, but my Sweetie has got the flu, so I cancelled both. Maybe I'll finish the sweater in time for a belated Valentine's Dinner next week.

Since Mr. Valentine isn't able to do all the sweet things he usually does, I've stepped up to the plate. I bought some filet mignon, and potatoes to bake (they are really more of a treat than the steak, as we pretty much don't eat white starch around here). I'll make a nice dinner and drink a glass of wine and relax.

And I bought HIM flowers this year!


Anonymous said...

Not only did I NOT do cupcakes for school, mine are nowhere near as pretty & festive as yours. We're eating all of ours here at home, lol.

I'm sorry you all won't get to go out tonight, but the night you have planned sounds fabulous. You've really done Valentine's Day up right!

Patrizia said...

Thank you Hesira!
It looks like you had a lovely one too, and it was refreshing to see that YOU had given HIM flowers!
Those cup cakes make my mouth water....

Betty said...

What clever ideas you have! Especially the flowers :)

Susan said...

What lovely Valentines! I look forward to making Valentines with Blue someday! And I love the cupcakes. The five-year-old in me still makes a beeline to anything with bright pink frosting. Can't help myself. The chocolate hearts really are the special bit though, aren't they?