Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've Got to Get My Act Together

I'm so far behind in so many things, I'm not even going to list them. I haven't been lazy, just crazy busy, and um, a little too preoccupied with Ravelry. It's killing me folks.

I'm going to take care of some loose ends here. Lovely Del, at Cozy's Place honored me with a you made my day award, some time back. I think I thanked her, and I'm supposed to list 10 bloggy friends who've made my day, so here I go (in no particular order)
Betty: Words can't express how great she is
Sharon: we were separated at birth or something
Elabeth: she's living my dream
Susan: she made such a sweet little girl
Sandra: not only can she craft like hell, she'll tell us about her sex life, too
Sam: she's the cutest ever and just started her own blog
Del: Ping Pong, she's just so lovely and multitalented
Bubbo: she pantzed me
Squidwidget: she's just so damn funny, and can pour bronze
Vintage Purls: I love her cool vintage patterns


Next, Sharon (see above link, I'm getting lazy) tagged me for this meme

The Rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 (or more) pages.

The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (I'm cheating a little here, cuz the nearest book was a cookbook, and this is what I've actualy been slogging through. The British spellings of ploughed and colour are in the book. They are NOT my affectation)

2. Open the book to page 123 and find the 5th sentence.

If you ask me: "By what practical experience can you show me these points?" I reply-so far as concerns the point of diminution which moves with you-when you walk by a ploughed field look at the straight furrows which come down with their ends to the path where you are walking, and you will see that each pair of furrows will look as though they tried to get nearer and meet at the [farther] end..... (Apparently Leo loved the run-on sentence)

3. Post the next 3 sentences.

In so far as the Art of Painting is concerned with the representation of the surfaces of objects it is allied to spatial geometry. The surfaces are conceived as without substance like geometric planes; and the axioms of Euclid's Elements defining the point, the line, the plane apply to them.

Moreover, the places and colours of objects are revealed by rays of light which radiate from their source in pyramidal formation.

4. Tag 5 people - Yeah, I'm pulling a Del on this one.

Gratuitous kumquat


Sam said...

I loves those hippos! They need to live on a t-shirt, which would then be my new favorite t-shirt. Oooo, oooo, or on a gymn bag! How much fun!

Betty said...

Wow - thanks! Your blog definitely makes my day. I always look forward to reading it.
Even your kumquats are gorgeous.

Thanks for the all of the birthday wishes. That's when my mental shift started happening :)

Anonymous said...

I wondered what your comment at my blog meant, lol! Thanks so much. And yeah, I can never tag anyone. :-)

Anonymous said...

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