Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hank Woes

Can a dog attempt to off himself? Is life with us so bad? Here's how it went.

Hank stays in the kitchen or outside, because he's just too crazy to let run around the house. We've been trying to acclimate him to the rest of the house, but it's slow going. He looses all sanity and runs amok. He's never alone in the kitchen very long, because, I spend most of my time in there.

About an hour ago, I was trying to get things ready for #1's soccer practice, so I was moving around the house looking for shin guards, soccer shorts, etc. I was in and out of the kitchen, and on one pass, I heard a hissing sound. I started looking around trying to find the source, and lo and behold, one of the knobs on the range had been turned. The spark that starts the burner hadn't been ignited, so the gas was just streaming out.

I quickly turned the knob to off, got Hank out of there and started the vent fan. I found a floor fan and pointed it out the door to ventilate the kitchen. Right now, I can't smell gas any longer and I've taken the knobs off the stove. I was completely freaked out. Thank God I didn't have a candle burning in the house. Not that I usually do, but sometime I get a wild hair.

What am I going to do with this lug of a dog? He's smart and funny, but he's out of his mind. I think he really wants to be an outside dog, with kitchen sleeping privileges, but I had imagined he'd be one of the family, watching TV at night with us, sleeping by the fireplace in the winter. Oh, well. I guess he's still a puppy and eventually he'll chill out, but for now, he's driving me to drink! (Not that I need a reason...I'm going out with the girls tonight for some knitting and wine._

Wish me luck with this incorrigible pup!


Anonymous said...

Aww puppies they are just like little kids full of mischief and fun, Im sure he will grow out of it and will be the dog you imagined but for now think of him like a teen....might save your sanity

Best of luck hesira

regards Alison (wooliewombat)

Sandra said...

like you are having 3, not 2 kids!
I was never good with pats - that's why I don't have any. Kids would like a dog, but I am taking pretty poor care of my kids ... so dog would be total disaster!

Sharon said...

Have you tried crate training him? My girlfriend has two labs. One of them is far more insane than the other (he eats everything, thinks everything is a toy for throwing in the air, likes to hump the couch...he's a pain.) She kept him crated whenever the family was not in the room with him and it worked really well. Also, doges like their crates. It gives them a sense of security (sometimes a dog's acting out is really just nervous energy.)

If it makes you feel better, once he turned two he calmed down enough to where they just crate him when they leave the dog home alone.

Good luck! You can have him be a family dog, you just have to think outside...er, inside the box. HA! (sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Anonymous said...

I feel your puppy growing pains! In the back of my mind, I've started thinking about getting another dog, but I said it wasn't going to be a puppy this time. Lucy is almost 3 and it's so nice to not have to worry about what she's trying to get into all of the time. (although with the current nip in the air, she's going a little bonkers, but generally she's much calmer). Hank will grow out of it. I know you walk him a lot, but the more exercise he gets the saner everyone else will be :)

BettyB (who's monitor is dying so is sneaking onto hubby's computer)

hesira said...

Sharon: We were real good about crate training in the beginning, and thought he was over the need. Then puberty hit! I think he's pushing boundaries and trying to figure out what he can get away with.

BB: He does go on 2 walks a day. One in the morning with me is a 2 miler alternating walking and running and in the evening usually Mr. Z takes him for about a mile stroll. You're right. He is usually crazier when he when he misses a walk. Sorry about your monitor!

del said...

See why I'm so over puppyhood? lol. It sounds like he's just young. They're so cute, yet mischievous at the same time! I'm really glad you didn't have a candle burning, though!