Friday, November 07, 2008


So I was at the department store today picking up my Lancome free gift. At the counter I met a lovely woman doing the exact same thing. After we were done, we met again in the shoe department. There was a great sale and she was finding all kinds of cool shoes. As usual, I was not. I have a 5.5 medium foot and rarely do I find a pair that fits in ANY store. I mentioned my dilemma, and she told me that the local salvage center had just gotten a shipment in from Macy's and there were a bunch of shoes in my size. I was skeptical, but I decided to drive across town and check it out. Boy, am I glad I did!

I found 4, yes FOUR pairs of great shoes:

Michael Kors Pumps:

Merrell Loafers:

Naturalizer Mary Janes:

Cute Red Style & Co.:

I can't tell you which are my favorites because I LOVE them all so much. The Merrells feel like I'm walking on clouds and the Michael Kors are easy to walk in for the height. I love the Mary Janes and the red shoes are just so cute. I'm in shoe heaven! And each pair was 60% off the original price. I know it may seem tacky to talk price, but I got all 4 pairs for $139.00 US. I saw a pair of Merrells at the department store for $100.00. I got 4 pairs of shoes for just under what 1 pair would have cost in the department store. I'm just so happy.....


Beatriz said...

My favorites are the Mary Janes and the Red Style & happy for you! And sooo much shoe envy too!

Betty said...

I love your taste in shoes!! I'm partial to the Mary Janes, but they are all great. Yay You!

Sharon said...

Oh, lucky you. I've got midget-sized feet, too, so I feel your pain.
Those red shoes are cute, cute, cute. I'm envious. Dang, I need to go shoe shopping.

Sandra said...

Cute Red shoes - the cutest! You were so lucky to meet that woman in store!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! My feet are small, too, so I have the same problem. You really lucked out, yay! I love the MJs and the red ones the most.

Sam said...

Oh, I am sooooo sad that I'm not in Hattiesburg. I'm a 5.5 too, but everything will be gone by the time I get home. Bummer. The red ones and the Mary Janes are my faves.

Jaylynn said...

Nice selection..! You have awesome taste in shoes.

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