Sunday, May 21, 2006

I've had a busy weekend. We made a quick trip to the town where my family lives, (about 2 hours north of here) for my mom's 70th birthday. I worked on my Koigu sock on the drive & the entire time I was there. It is almost finished.

Before we even got to Mom's house, I made DH drop me off at the LYS there, and spent an hour shopping while he dropped off the kids. They close at 2:00 on Sat., so I was on limited time. My take? 4 balls of Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk (50-50) in 2 different colorways. Lest you think I'm extravagant, I spent the BD money my MIL sent me & intend to make her the Branching Out scarf I couldn't manage with the Douceur et Soie, for Xmas or Bd. I may make StepMIL a scarf as well, but that yarn's so tempting, I may keep it for myself. The DeS found a home in a crocheted wrap. It turned out beautifully. (For *me* the saying goes: If you can't knit 'em, crochet 'em!)

We spent Saturday at one brother's house, and Sunday at the other brother's house. My sis from CA came in town & brought 4 close friends. We had a blast! There was grilled venison, boiled crawfish, red beans & rice. Of course there was bd cake, iced tea & beer. Oh yeah, and I beat my 15 year old nefew at ping pong.

Well, I'll post pics one of these days.

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