Thursday, June 01, 2006

I finished the Branching Out Scarf. It turned out pretty well I think:

The Alpaca & Silk is a dream to work with. I've got some more in a plum color. I think I may make the scarf again using larger needles. I used #7 Clover Bamboos for the green one.

Not too much else going on. #1 is staying home with me this summer. We've been swimming, knitting, gardening, playing. #2 is still in daycare, to secure his position for next fall when I go back to teaching, but I keep him home often and/or pick him up early. It's nice having time alone with #1.

The garden is growing. Here are some of the latest pics:

The volunteer zinnias and marigolds are blooming.

Here is a crinum lily (also called milk & wine lily). I have several blooming now, but this is the best pic.

The tomatoes are about ready for the first harvest:

That's about it for now.


cathych said...

believe it or not, one of the patterns I want to make it the scarf you have already done. I am making the Orangina top in tangerine, & I also have a shawl that I will start soon, I am going to make it out of 100% alpaca. The yarn is $16 a skien, so I have to buy it week by week at ACMoore with a 40% coupon! Your tomatoes are really big, mine only have flowers on them. My squash are really pretty large, though, & I have been picking cucumbers everyday. By this time next week my green beans will be ready also!

Tricotine said...

What a beautiful Branching Out! I hope mine will turned half as great as yours!

I am making it for my MIL also!

Beautiful flowers and yummy tomatoes too! :)

yarnwright said...

Your BRANCHING OUT turned out absolutely magnifico!
Is the pattern available online?
(feeling a little behind-the-times, grin)

hesira said...

Thanks, Noreen, it's at in the archives under scarves.

vtwopoint5 said...

Beautiful scarf!

And I'm jealous of your tomatoes. We didn't plant any this year. *sigh*