Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Branching Out 2

I'm off to Florida for a few days, but I wanted to show you Branching Out #2. I love this scarf so much, I have to show you 5 views. I couldn't get 1 shot that did it justice.

Here you can see how beautifully the fabric drapes:

This shows the pattern pretty well, but the color is off:

I just like this picture:

Against yellow green:

Against blue green:

I'm taking my Koigu sock to knit on the trip (5 hours in the car). I will probably finish it so, I am also going to work on my sampler afghan. Other than that, it will be fun in the sun (50 spf), wave surfing, eating, drinking & seeing some old friends.


yarnwright said...

Hi, Hesira!
Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the compliment, and thanks for the BD wishes. I'll give a hint, but keep it secret, I share mine with Helen Keller!

Tricotine said...

Gorgeous! I need to work on mine...