Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Lucky

In the words of Joan Armatrading, "I can walk under ladders..."

I'm not sure exactly what's going on with me, but I have been so happy lately. This week has been particularly wonderful. When I went out of town to get my hair done, I visited an elderly friend I haven't seen in years. She is a wonderful, vibrant person, and she has meant a lot to me. She has over-collected glassware and insisted I take a piece home with me. I agreed and picked out this fruit bowl. Seeing her after all these years was sweet made me realize how precious life and friends are.

Several weeks ago I felt the need to reconnect with a dear friend from graduate school, so I sent her an email. Today when we got home from soccer games, there was a package in the mail. I don't have a secret pal, but it was the type of package I imagine I'd receive from one if I did. Anyway, my dear, sweet friend, a much better person than I, replied through the US mail, and sent me a lovely handwritten card, with two skeins of Regia Silk Color Sock Yarn. Turns out she's been knitting too, and she sent me a happy. How sweet is that?

To top it off, after soccer today, I was spent. I think I'm becoming hypothyroid again. I told DH, I was so tired and I had to lay down. He didn't complain, and kept the kids away while I took a 2 hour nap. That's a great gift, right? Nothing more needed there. When I got up, he said he needed to run to the store to get some vitamins for the kids. I said, run, my dear. When he got home, he brought me these. For no reason. What a guy. How'd I get so lucky? I'm blessed.


yarnwright said...

psst... I made the pattern UP, LOL, want it?

(ps, wonder if Jacey will think so???)

del said...

Oh wow, how incredibly sweet. You've been so blessed & I'm sure you deserve every bit of it. I don't know what I like better--the yarn or the flowers. Then again, maybe I'd prefer the nap, LOL.

vtwopoint5 said...

What a great day for you! And isn't this a neat way to to record it so you can go back and relive it when you're having a less than great day :)

Beth said...

Beautiful glassware, yarn, flowers, marriage...what more do you need?

sandra said...

Girl, your hubby is a keeper! Just like friend of yours! But the most important is - you really appriciate all that (usually people take it for granted)