Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Snowflake 2 and a Different Kind of Art

I decided that the Cherry Tree Hill yarn and the #2 needles weren't working out for the Snowflake sock. It was knitting up way to big. I switched to Opal Uni and #1's and here's how it looks. Once again, DH has the camera so I'm relying on Mac as my photographer:

And usually on Tuesdays I post something arty for you, but yesterday I traded a day of making art for a day of receiving art. I drove 2 hours to get my hair cut by someone I consider a genius. He started doing my hair 26 years ago. I was 15 and he was 22. He made me glamorous and I let him experiment with new techniques. It was a hair match made in heaven. We have been friends through the years, and though usually someone in town does my hair, when I really need a boost, I go back to Ralph. I don't have to tell him what to do, I just tell him how I'm feeling & what I've been up to, and how I want to feel, and he does the rest. Yesterday I said I wanted something fresh & sexy that didn't deny the curliness of my hair. Here's what I ended up with:

Front view

Side view:

I took a pic of the back view, but the lighting was off. I'm really happy with the cut. It's so easy to fix and it makes me feel great. Also, Jason did the color, and it looks just like what my hair naturally should. So I'm feeling sassy and ready for anything. The anything I need to be ready for is midterm exams and portfolios. I will probably spend all day tomorrow and a good piece of the weekend grading. Back to art making next week!


Susan said...

That is a sassy haircut! I love it! It's got that classic feel, like Sabrina (as in Audrey Hepburn or Julia Ormond, not the teenage witch) would wear her hair that way. It will go with a trench coat, silk scarf and a french market bag, or some old ball gown. Very versatile, very chic!

hesira said...

Oh, Susan, I can just see it! Now I have to get a trench coat and a bag. I don't know about the ball gown though. Thanks for the nice words.

del said...

That sock color is beautiful, as is the sock.

And that haircut is so flattering. It frames your face so well; and, since I did the math & now know your age (LOL), you definitely don't look it.

sandra said...

Sock is great, hair do is perfect - wish I could make my hairdresser cut my hair shorter (that's why I had to do my hair while visiting parets's)
You look so young with that hair!

vtwopoint5 said...

What a great haircut! Beautiful pictures :) There is nothing like having a great hair guy who is also a friend.

I love the sock color - and the design. This pattern does work better with this yarn - good eye!

tina said...

You look nice! And so does your art! I wish I could paint, but ... you can't have it all.