Thursday, November 02, 2006

Getting it Done

Today has been very productive. I finished the Snowflake socks for my mom. All I had to do this morning was graft the toe and weave in the loose ends. Then they were done. The pattern doesn't show up very well in the picture, nor on the sock. I'm hoping that after some blocking, the snowflake motif will be more apparent. I'm going to wash and block them and then I can put them with my other Christmas socks. Now all I have to do is get Dad's Manly socks made. I'll start them tonight while I watch Grey's Anatomy.

I spent a good part of the day in the studio. I painted on the last figure. It's staying pretty open, but looks a little muddy. I discovered my brushes were really too mucked up to function well, so I spent an hour washing them. They have to sit for a couple of days to let the water evaporate before I can use them with oil again. But they're clean. They'll work much better next time I go to paint.

Being unable to work with oil due to watery brushes, I decided to do some watercolor. I have all that great Arches paper that I've been too nervous to ruin. I got brave and started a compositional study. I have to say that paper is a dream to work with. It's heavy and has a nice tooth. It takes the paint beautifully. It's been a long time since I've really used watercolor and it took me about an hour to remember how to apply it. The study is kind of tight, and unfinished. I'll work some more on it over the weekend. When it's done, I'll probably do another one, and hopefully start it better and keep it more open. I can see the possibilities of that paper, and I want to use it to its fullest potential.

And to top it off, I mixed up my Christmas cookie dough this afternoon. I make sugar cookies for the teachers, the kids at school and friends. Making them is fun, but a little stressful because of exams and the holdiays. I promised myself this summer while I was sick I was going to avoid stress this year, so I planned to mix the dough in advance and freeze it. It'll be ready for rolling, cutting, baking and decorating whenever I feel like it.

WooHoo for getting it done. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself just now.


Sharon G. said...

I totally forgot about Grey's until I read your post - thanks for the reminder. Man, it's been a long week...

However, your paintings are absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing your artwork - it really is a treat seeing the whole process and watching your paintings come together.

The socks are lovely - that pattern is on my to-do list.

sandra said...

Socks fit like gloves. Your Mom will be more than pleased!

Susan said...

Beautiful socks! I really like the pattern. You reknit that second sock FAST! Well done!

del said...

You should be pleased--I don't do sugar cookies because it's so much work. So I stick to chocolate chip, LOL.

The socks are so nice--beautiful color! And the painting, as always, is lovely.

vtwopoint5 said...

I love the color of the socks! I'm impressed at the speed of your knitting. I'm also impressed with your painting. You are very talented!

Christmas cookies? I bet that does feel good to have done. I wouldn't know about getting xmas stuff done ahead of time....:)