Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rainy Tuesday Doings

I woke up feeling completely awful this morning. I didn't sleep well, and woke up nauseated and with an achy head. Felt a lot like a hangover, but without the alcohol. I think it is a mild migraine. Anyway, I decided not to paint. Instead #2 & I went by McD's and got sausage biscuits before I dropped him off at preschool. After that I ran errands and bought a new container for my stash. I put the natural stuff in the new container and the synthetics are safely hidden away.

I still have a lot of acrylic yarn. I hate to waste anything, so I'd like to use it up. I could make a crazy afghan or make blocks to practice stitches. I could make granny squares till the cows come home. Maybe I could make a crazy ripple afghan and just randomly put the colors together. I've already got a sampler afghan in the works, but the pattern has so many mistakes in it, and I keep loosing my corrections page...something tells me to let that one go.

Another thing sorting through my stash made me realize is how far I've come as a knitter in the past year. I taught myself to knit about 8 years ago and I worked in isolation until last year when I ventured into cyberspace. I joined a couple of online groups and started to learn about blogs. Through these media I learned so much about knitting, crochet, materials and other resources. I guess the acrylic represents the before internet knitting and the alpaca, merino, silk, etc represent the after internet knitting. I'm grateful to the friends who've helped me on the net. One of these days I hope to get some folks around here brave enough to try some yarnwork (I crochet and knit, I could teach them either). I've offered to teach several people, and they express interest, but nothing has come of it yet.

Anyway, my friends, thank you all for being such great blog pals and for coming around here every now and then. I don't have any knitting or painting pictures for you, but I hate to leave a post without a pic, so I'll show you the results of my creative endeavors from yesterday afternoon. Here's a preview of our holiday card. #1 is Mr. Blue-eyes, and #2 is Mr. Brown-eyes:


Susan said...

You have BEAUTIFUL sons! That's a gorgeous photograph. I love brown eyes. The sleepy-voiced husband and I both have light blue eyes (I love blue eyes, too!), so no brown eyes for our little chicks. I think that's why I love to look at them; they're so exotic to me.

Thanks for entering the cyber-stitch-n-bitch! I'm glad you're here!

vtwopoint5 said...

This is almost a post I could put in my blog as my own, eps about the knitting, yarn, and the no booze hungover feeling. I hope you feel better soon!

Your sons are adorable! I've always thought 2 little boys are so cute together so I was happy when my 1st and 2nd were both boys. We say we stopped after 3 because we ran out of eye colors for our kids. Green, brown, then blue :)

del said...

How adorable! That's going to be a great card.