Saturday, September 01, 2007

Where Did August Go?

Did you think I fell off the face of the Earth? Does anyone even bother to peek here anymore? I was so busy that I didn't make a single post for August. Let's call it my hiatus. What did I do in August? Not much knitting really. I made some baby hats and baby socks, in an effort to use some of my bits and pieces up. Here's the hats.

#1 did some knitting too

I went on a canoe trip. Here's me paddling with my nefew:

Here's me & my boys:

My school started a week and a half ago. Classes are going well. I haven't worn my studio class down yet, and my lecture class hasn't had time to form an opinion. I'm trying to keep it fresh and change things up this semester. More work for me, but keeps me and hopefully my students interested.

I love the fall Vogue Knitting! I plan to make the Debbie Bliss Silver Bell cardi as soon as the VK website comes back online. It's a beautiful sweater. Anybody else into it? Wanna compare notes once we get the pattern? Let me know.

I'm joining a local crafters group next Tuesday. There's this really cool woman who just opened a sewing store in town and she's all about getting crafty folks together. She's also the mom of one of #1's friends. I'm looking forward to hanging out with folks in their real bodies. Not that I don't love you guys, I'd hang out with you if you lived closer.


vtwopoint5 said...

It looks like a fun adventure!

I've started going to a newly formed local crafting group and I really enjoy it! We meet at a coffee shop and knit. Some of us meet at the pub next door before knitting for half price appetizers and drinks. I hope you enjoy your group as much as I enjoy mine.

Anonymous said...

Of course someone still comes by here! Thank goodness for Google Reader :-) I'm glad you enjoyed your time off the blog...looks like the last bit of summer was nice.

Cute baby hats, too!

Sandra said...

sooooo glad you're bacK! I was worried, you know!

Sharon said...

Hey! Welcome back! You've been missed. Looks like you had a fun summer, which I suppose is reason enough to forgive the lack of blogging. ;)

woolie wombat said...

Hi Hesira

Ive been stopping in, and you were missed, even in Chers group you are missed, but I did see you were posting to rcty so knew you would be back
good luck with the 2nd graders!

Morgana said...

Thanks for writing this.