Friday, October 19, 2007


I've been working on Cookie A.'s Pomatomus socks from


It's not really a complicated pattern, but the chart has you frequently yarn overing at the beginning or end of the needles, leading to dropped YO's. I would do fine up to row 13 where everything changes, and I'd drop those damn stitches every time. I knit and tinked this sock so many times, I should have a couple of pairs by now. I finally got things sorted out and put in a lifelilne and things are going much more smoothly.
Here's some pictures. First the cuff:

Here's one full set of Chart A. There are 3 repeats of 22 rows and I screwed up row 13 on each of them.

I finally got through the leg and heel and have begun on the gussets:

I'm using Artyarns Ultramerino 4, and even though the yardage is comparable to the suggested yarn, I'm fearful I won't have enough to finish this sock. So help me, if that happens, I'm frogging it and never knitting a Pomatomus again. I mean, I'm not a quitter, but this is more abuse than one knitter should take.

Wow. I feel better getting that off my chest.


Anonymous said...

You're good for sticking with it. I read over this pattern once, which is why I haven't knit it! I really hope you have enough yarn.

Sharon said...

Oh, I feel your pain. My pair of PO seemed to take FOREVER. Trust me, though, you'll get it. The second sock will just click. That's what happened with me. It's looking really good, though!

Betty said...

Oh bummer that this isn't more enjoyable for you. The sock looks very nice!

Sandra said...

Would like to knit Pomatomus one of these days! Hope to learn from your expirience!