Thursday, October 25, 2007

Total Frustration

I'm still working on this cursed Pomatomus. I've gotten through the 1st set of Chart B. I've got peace, quiet, and a fresh brain, not to mention a row counter. I knitted row 22, the last of the chart, and started on row 1. Hmmm. Something's wrong. Row 1 doesn't want to play nice. It's acting like it should be row 22. So, maybe I accidentally clicked the row counter one too many times. I knit a little bit of row 22 and it's acting as it should. I must have double clicked the row counter. I knit through row 22 and go to work on row 1 again. AAAUGHHHH!!!! It's not working. Row 1 really wants to be row 22. What am I doing wrong? There seems to be trick to getting from row 22 to row 1 and I can't figure it out.

I hate this damn sock.

EDIT: I figured it out! I printed the chart and the k3tbl didn't clearly show up on my copy. If I do that, then it'll all work out. I apologize Pomatomus. I lost my cool. Now, can we be friends again?


The Knitwit said...

Love your work, love your persistence even when "I hate this sock!", and love reading your blog. :D

Though I'm sorry you were frustrated, it's sometimes good to hear another's struggle with something and be able to identify and feel better that it doesn't only happen "to me!" LOL

Smiles to ya!

Anonymous said...

I really hope the sock behaves from now on. I bet these become your favorites...I would hope so, after all the trouble they've caused you!

Sandra said...

what a passion between you and Pomatomus - love and hate!