Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Today was the first day of Get-Back-To-Art Season. I spent about 3 hours in my studio. I had planned on more, but something came up (doesn't it always?) No, this was really necessary. I had to have the tail light of my brand new vehicle fixed. ( A run away buggy at Walmart, need I say more?) What that means is DH & I dropped the kids off early at school, then took said vehicle to the vehicle doctor, then I dropped DH off at work using his vehicle...BLAH, BLAH...

Anyway, I had to pick up my car around 10, so that threw an interuption in my day. Not too bad though. I drove directly back home, went right upstairs and got back to work. A short lunch break, then some more work, then I HAD to go get some #4 dpns, cuz I'm ready to make Enid's sleeves. I tried to cast one on using a short circ last night, but it wasn't going to happen. I just straightened my stash, and went to bed early.

What was I saying? Oh, Art...I'm easily distracted.

I had every intention of painting, but it's gotten so fricken cold here, that I didn't want to open the windows for ventilation, and I sure wasn't going to paint without fresh air. I need all the functional brain cells I've got left. I decided to draw instead. So, I started with charcoal in a small sketchbook, and piddled around until I felt like it needed some white. Pulled out the acrylic and put some down. Then it needed some gray wash. Pulled out the black acrylic, and there you go.

That was fun, so I decided to try it on a larger scale. I pulled out some Rives BFK (a really nice printing paper) and started up with the charcoal, followed by the acrylic. Not so much fun as before. I realized I didn't need the charcoal and started another. This time I tried to maintain the gesture and use the page a little more effectively. Much better. I checked the time it was about 2:00, so I washed my brushes and my palette, snapped a couple of photos, and off I ran. Dpns then boys.

The one on the right is the first one, the one on the left, the second.

Maybe you remember me whining about not feeling free enough, and looking through the glass wall at what I wanted to do, but somehow couldn't force my arm to obey? No? It's back in the archive somewhere. But that's how I felt. Now, I can feel that I will make better and better drawings. Just doing this today gave me ideas for Friday. That's the main thing: maintaining a flow of ideas and following through.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful art! I wish I could draw like that. But then that would take away from the knitting, spinning and weaving wouldn't it.
I'm loving the weaving by the way. I forgot to take a picture today.
Maybe Saturday.

del said...

Wow, I love that bottom photo.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee- you said buggy!

By the way, I'm glad you've shared getting back into the studio. Like I've said, I need a little motivation , and this helped. I don't have a studio, but I need to get back into the... sketchbook?

Anonymous said...

People not putting carts into cart corrals is one of my major pet peeves. Also wanted to say nice post - and great pics!