Monday, January 22, 2007

Enid and More

Well, I've finished the main body of Enid, and spent most of the weekend working on the first sleeve. This is thin yarn and there are seemingly endless numbers of stitches involved. The good thing about all that mindless knit stitch in the round is I can think about other things while I'm doing it. For instance, how is the steeking going to work out? If the steeking utterly fails, will I be able to cope with all that knitting and then flushing it down the drain? I'll make the bottom hem before I steek, so what happens if I don't line my stitches up perfectly before cutting? Will I get sick of this project before I do all the ticky little things that have to be done before it is finished? You see what I mean? My mind wanders around these and other subjects.

Here's a picture of the body and one sleeve. The sleeve lacks about 2 inches of length, but all the shaping has been done:

Yesterday kinda sucked. It rained all day. The kids were crazy with cabin fever. I dropped my new camera and messed up the shooting button. I could just cry about that. It was like a cartoon. My camera was on the desk next to the computer, and I was going to take a picture of the spinach risotto I was making. As I walked past the desk, I picked up the camera, kept walking, and the camera jerked out of my hands. It was still attached to the computer cord from my last download. It landed on the shooting button (I know there is a technical term for that thing, but I'm too pissed to look it up). It'll still take pictures, but the focus doesn't work as well. I'm going to have to send it off and get it fixed.

The last download before the camera accident was of this car:

It's not my car. It's not my husband's nor any friend's or relative's. It is my driveway. We live next to a church that has a congregation that's too large for it's parking lot. 6 days of the week, it's great living next to a church. No rowdy neighbors, no barking dogs. On Sundays, there is a racket for about 10 minutes when they get out, but that's OK. But when someone blocks my driveway for 2 or more hours, I don't like it. When church got out, a young guy walked to the car. I asked him if it was his and he said yes. I then asked him if he realized he had blocked my driveway for over 2 hours. He gave me an ugly look and got in his car and drove away. No apology, no "Please excuse me, I was running late for church".

I shouldn't let stuff like this get to me, but I'm vexed.


del said...

He just got out of church & then couldn't even use some of whatever he supposedly goes to church for after blocking your drive for 2 hours?? How funny! (next week, I'd call a tow service)

Good luck with Enid--steeking scares me.

Anonymous said...

Del said exactly what I was going to say. I was just thinking maybe he should go to church everyday...or actually pay attention when he's in there...unless they're preaching something about being rude to your neighbors then he's got it.

Anonymous said...

The sweater will be beautiful and all of those stitches will be worth it :) Good luck with the steeking - I'm sure you'll do what needs to be done for it to work.

Bummer about the camera.

Susan said...

I would be thoroughly annoyed. I'm glad you said something to the guy. I'd probably just glare at him, and say lots of mean things behind his back.

Enid's looking good. I'm ashamed to say I haven't knit a stitch since I swatched. I'm glad other people are making progress!