Friday, February 16, 2007

Enid Pre-Steeking

It's been a rough week my knitterly friends. I came down with the crud last Friday and have been trying to get well ever since. I cancelled classes Tuesday, but got all cocky on Thursday, thinking I was well, and showed up only to immediately dismiss them. They were sympathetically amused. I think, THINK, I'm better today. We have out of town guests coming in tomorrow, so I'd better be well. The only good thing about being sick was I got a lot of knitting done.

I'm just about ready to steek Enid. I've knit the whole thing, run a thread down the steeking column, and double reinforced either side of the column. Now I need to steam block the steeking area and get out the magnifying glasses and the sharp little scissors.

Here she is. You can see the steeking column represented by the light blue dotted line. You can also see a little of the contrasting hem on the bottom peeking out. After steeking, I attach the button band and the button hole band (yet to be knitted), sew on the buttons (yet to be bought), block that bad girl, and it's done!

I thought I'd show you a close up of the yoke with the colorwork. I'm still hoping for some flattening out of the puckering once it's blocked. I have a good feeling about it. I was a little worried about my colors, as I didn't use the Reynolds Whiskey. I thought the fuschia might be a little much, and I was worried the purling might look amateurish. I actually think the 2 things take care of each other, or rather the purling softens up the color transitions and gives some dimension to the yoke. Once again, I think the blocking will help make it look less messy.

I hope ya'll have a great weekend. Maybe next time I see you, I'll have a finished Enid to show.


sandra said...

The coloures you used on yoke are amazing- really love them! You are doing such great knitting on Enid!

Anonymous said...

Wow, soooo close. It looks fantastic so far--great project choice. And your colors are lovely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the steeking!

patrick said...
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Sharon G. said...

Oh, wow, chica, that's gorgeous! And, you're almost exciting. I think the colors work out fabulously together.

vtwopoint5 said...

I think the colors are great! And you are ready for steeking - go for it! :)

vtwopoint5 said...

Thanks! And a Happy Mardi Gras to you too :)