Friday, February 09, 2007

To Tink or Not To Tink

Just popping in with a quick Enid update and some pictures, and some, well, griping, moaning, ranting, whatever you want to call it. Here's how Enid is looking:

The colorwork is all puckered even though I thought I was carrying my floats pretty loosely. The stitches move back and forth like an abacus, so I'm pretty sure the puckers will block out. At least I'm crossing my fingers and doing magic dances, hoping they will.

Last night while watching, you guessed it, Grey's Anatomy, and having my 2 glasses of wine (only 1/2 full each, so it's really like I only had 1 glass, yeah, yeah), I was knitting along having a great time, while DH put the kids down. Bless him. Anyway, I'd gotten to a point where the colorwork was feeling pretty relaxed, and I didn't mind untwisting every ten minutes or so. I knew I was going to finish the first motif, so I was excited and knitting pretty fast. When I got to the end of this section, I set my knitting down, and surveyed my work.

OH CRAP! The light green on the top of the bubbles is supposed to be purled! The chart shows a light green square with a diamond for knit and a light green square with a diamond with a dot in the middle for purl. A tiny little dot. I wasn't wearing my rhinestone studded reading glasses. UGH! So, the question remains, to tink or not to tink? Even before I made the mistake, I thought I might not like the purled rows mixed in the colorwork, and of course, I didn't swatch to find out, I just dove in head first. I need to think about it. Two and a half rows of 302 stitches each. I've done it before. Maybe I should knit that swatch, then decide.

OK. You can laugh now.


Sharon said...

Enid is coming along for the tinking. Meh, I'd leave it, but I'm lazy like that. ;)

Susan said...

I like your colors! Personally, I like the texture of the purl stitches on the circles, so that's why, if I ever EVER get to it, I'll follow the pattern. But it looks good knit, too. It comes down to personal taste. And laziness. I have to say, if I were uncertain about whether I'd like the purls, I doubt I'd be tinking back 2 giant rows.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...I think I'd leave it. Your colorwork looks really great!