Friday, February 02, 2007

Technical Difficulties

It's been a hellava day for knitting, photographing and posting. Where shall I begin? OK, knitting.

I've been working on the Enid Cardigan. Here's how it goes. First you make a big tube for the body, bind off 2 sets of 16 stitches for the underarm seam, then leave the stitches on the needles. Then you make 2 tubes for the sleeves, bind off 16 stitches on each to correspond to the body bind off, and leave those stitches on the needles. You knit the body and when you come to where the sleeve bind off is, you knit the stitches off the sleeve needles onto the body needles. With me so far?

All that was accomplished last night. The only hitch was the second sleeve stitches were on dpn's and the last needle slipped off the stitches while I was knitting. I replaced the stitches and continued. After the sleeves were joined I knit 3 rounds. By the end of the 3rd round, I noticed one of the sleeves had a row of 16 stitches that were creating a bumpy line on the inside of the sweater, which was not apparent on the outside. I figured it was how I replaced the fallen stitches. I set it aside and waited till the morning to decide what to do.

This morning I decided to tink those 3 rounds of 302 stitches each and fix the problem. I figured if I didn't I'd have some kind of Princess and the Pea reaction to the raised stitches. So I spent most of the day unknitting. When I got to what I thought was the problem area, I couldn't find a problem. I reknit the rounds and again, those same stitches were raised. Then I realized I was trying to fix the wrong sleeve. The problem wasn't with the second sleeve, it was with the first. Well, shit!

I got over my Princess and the Pea deal and decided to let it ride. But first I wanted to try the thing on and see if I could feel the stitches. So I had to run a thread through my stitches, cuz there was no way my ass or my chest was going to fit through the tiny little opening the circs allowed. Finally I got in the thing, and wanted to take a pic, but my camera batteries ran out. So I turned to Mr. Mac, my faithful photographer, and I had to press the button and jump back to get the shot, but with my arms tightly against my side, cuz otherwise, Enid would slip off. Here's the pic:

Enid appears too short for me. I can't tell for sure until I get the yoke finished. If it is too short, I can lengthen the bottom thanks to the provisional cast-on, but I'd rather not. Also, this pic really makes me see I need to shed some holiday cheer.

Anyway, I drafted out this post this morning, and when I came to actually enter it, the draft was nowhere to be found. So here I am re-writing it from damn scratch.

That's 2 cuss words in one post. Sorry, but this sweater, blogger, & camera, are driving me crazy!


patrick said...

Ha! You sound like me.... undoing the wrong sleeve would be like something *I* would do! And I would have used more than 2 cuss words, ha ha! But, I don't even know how you do such things, and the sweater looks very good... in fact, you might have a new style there!

hesira said...

LOL. There's more to come, my nonknitting friend.

vtwopoint5 said...

Wow....what a day! :) I think the sweater is looking very flattering to you.

sandra said...

With that great figure you have, shortness of Enid is not problem at allllllllLL! Can't wait to be finished!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! LOL. Sorry, but this post really made me laugh. Anyway, I think Enid looks great so far. And so do you. Good luck!!