Friday, July 07, 2006

Jaywalker & Flowers

Well, I haven't posted in a while. You see, I am a visual person and I like to see pictures in other folk's blogs, and I like to put pictures in my own. I haven't been really motivated to download any lately because of this:

I can't find the cable to connect my camera to the computer! The cord cabinet is just such a mess. I can't even stand to charge my cell phone. I usually wait until I'm in the car and give it a little juice there. Just clean out the cabinet, you say? That's a joke. There's 3 other guys around here who just live to mess things up! Oh, well.

I have been knitting, I swear. First I made a beautiful cabled sock, but it was too small. I frogged it and started this Jaywalker. See the yarn wrapped around the ball? That used to be a sock. It's in the process of becoming a new one though. I hear the Jaywalker knits up snug. Will it fit? That remains to be seen.

My garden is growing. Here's two shots:

My first sunflower. It seems a little early, but I'm not complaining.

And here's a shot of the whole bed. I planted several seed packs of mixed color zinnias. I guess the purple ones are dominant, because they are the majority here. There's a few orange, yellow, red, white, etc, but purple rules.


vtwopoint5 said...

Your flowers are beautiful! The sock yarn is too :)

And I totally understand about not wanting to clear out the cord cupboard. I feel the same way about certain places in my house.

Tricotine said...

Beautiful flowers and socks! :)

del said...

I love the pink in those socks--I hope they turn out OK (I haven't done Jaywalkers yet).