Friday, July 28, 2006

The Boys Are Back...

They got home last Sunday and boy was I glad to see them. They enjoyed their plane trip, subway rides, museum visits, etc. I missed them but, they can wreck a house in no time flat. I did enjoy my peace and quiet, but now things are back to normal.

As for my health, I saw an endocrinologist on Wednesday and he's going to give me radioactive meds next Friday. The boys can't be here while I'm glowing, so I'm sending them to Gramma's for a few days. After I take the meds, it'll take a while for everything to get balanced. But eventually, that too, will be back to normal.

Knitting? This is a knitting blog? Well, I finished the pink cable socks and they turned out great. Finally! I've started a second pair in Opal in a beautiful light blue. I'll put up pictures when hubby gives up the camera.

I'm already planning for the next few projects. I need to find the right yarn for Date Maker. I've got at least three more pairs of socks for Christmas presents. I'm also looking for a cardigan pattern that doesn't look to Grannyish. That seems like enough for now.


yarnwright said...

Hi, Hon!

Wanted to let you know that pix are UP at

AND, wanted to let you know that you've been in my thoughts a LOT lately, and that PLEASE know that someone in TN is pullin' for ya, and CARES, a LOT!


hesira said...

Thanks Noreen. That means so much!