Wednesday, August 23, 2006


You're cheesy Phil, but I've grown fond of you....

Don't have much to say about knitting. The sock I'm working on is brown.

Here's some photos of my studio. First I just wanted you to see the space. It's pretty amazing, but it wasn't always like that. It started out as a dirty, dusty, dark attic. We painted it and cleaned it up and I work in there when I can.

Here's a picture of a the studio itself. The ceilings are mostly about 10 feet high. They get higher on the ends of the house where the high window is. They get lower on the sides where they taper down. You can see the stretchers and canvases I've been making on the floor.

Here's a shot of a naked stretcher. I'm making a corner brace. I can't wait to get this one stretched and primed. In the foreground is some unbelievable Arches Watercolor Paper I scored a couple of years ago. The stuff is so fine, I'm afraid to use it. USE YOUR SUPPLIES!

I know this probably boring to my knitting friends, but this stuff thrills me. I appreciate your tolerance.


del said...

I love it! It look so airy & spacious. Makes me want a craft room more & more.

vtwopoint5 said...

What a great stu-stu-studio! (I like some of Phil too :) ).

And I don't find it boring at all.

cathych said...

I am still black & blue after 5 days. I wonder if this is normal? On the good side, I've made enough dishcloths to last a good year I bet, lol.

filambulle said...

Not boring AT ALL for me! Please do talk again and again about your painting. I love it!