Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm about to reveal something personal. For as long as I can remember (maybe 2nd grade or earlier) I have had an uncanny ability to find 4 leafed clovers. I don't even have to look for them. Sometimes I'm just walking and I happen to look down, and right there is one. Sometimes, I'll just get a weird feeling like one is around, and I look down and there it is. I've stopped picking them, because I've found so many. I just figure I'll leave them for someone else. So, today I found the first 2 four leafers this year and I took pictures:

In other yard news: The zinnias and basil are getting bigger, but may be a little sun starved. They're somewhat leggy. I guess I'll just slowly harden them off and put them in the ground in a week or so:

The Easter lilies are budding up nicely:

The pink roses are blooming:

Oh, and I'm really excited that my first tomato has formed. Here it is, in all it's blurry glory:

My mom gave me this astilbe and I put it in last year, and its doing great:

The orange mint is almost ready for its first harvest of the season:

And, finally: my lovely neighbor Miss S., who has given me so many plants from her garden, gave me this agapanthus about 4 years ago. Last year was its first time to bloom for me. Can you see the little bud?

Well, I know this is hesira knits, but this time of year, hesira is pretty obsessed with planting and watching the progress of all her green babes. I am continuing on the Lilith sweater aned making progress. I'll post photos of that project soon.

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yarnwright said...

My mother (Bless her heart, and you KNOW what THAT means, LOL) also has the uncanny ability to find 4leaf clovers!
Send me one, I need some GOOD luck for a change, grin!