Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm so tired. The little one was up all night. His eyes were glued shut from pink-eye goop. You'd think that wouldn't be a problem if you were asleep, but Son #2 thought differently. Anyway, his wakefullnes was mine. Now I'm paying for it. Daddy & Son #1 took off for JXN for a going away party for some friends. I had to stay here with S2. He's busy with Thomas the Tank Engine right now. Thought I'd take a moment & write.

Planted some more impatients today, and transplanted some lily seedlings I've been tending for a couple of years. I'm really proud of these little guys. I received their mother by accident. She piggybacked in a clump of garlic chives my neighbor gave me. I kept the chives in a pot and a couple of years later, a huge lily sprang up. Cleaned some pots and fertilized some perennials. My Easter lilies are multipling and budding up. The astilbe has buds, and 2 of my roses have their first blooms. It's been another gorgeous day, with no rain in sight for days. That's good for now, but I'm hoping the summer isn't too dry.

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