Monday, April 10, 2006

It's the first day of my spring break. For some reason, the powers that be decided to schedule the break a month later than usual, and incorporate Good Friday holiday into it. I really need this time. I have so much grading to do: papers, exams, quizzes. And the house looks like 4 pigs live in it. Really, with all the dirt on the floor, I could start an indoor garden! I hate house work, but even I can't stand how disgusting it is around here.

Last night, I finished a scarf that had been laying around for a while. It is out of some Classic Elite yarn that is mostly silk and some cashmere (can't remember the name). Just a K2 P2 rib. It was my project I went to when there was nothing else going on. Now it's finished, so I have to start something else. I started to make the Jenna sweater from the Berroco site, but after about 10 rows, I had a feeling it would be too skimpy for me, so I frogged it. I am still determined to make a summer sweater. I am going to use some Classic Elite Believe (Cotton/rayon) I scored at a Hudson's Salvage Center about 5 years ago. Now I just have to find a pattern.

Things I am going to do this week: clean my house, find a summer sweater pattern & start knitting it, plant seeds & bedding plants, grade stuff, play with the kids.

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