Wednesday, April 26, 2006

OK, folks, I'd like you to meet Lilith. She was a joy to knit and an utter disappointment to try on. I swatched, I measured, but it turned out just too big. My fault for substituting yarn (cotton for rayon), and picking a pattern that wasn't modeled by a person, but by a hanger. That should have been a clue. Also, I am now determined to learn how to customize a pattern. The time I put into reading and experimenting would be worth not experiencing the let down of a failed project. Do you think I could just wash it in hot and try to shrink it some?

Check out the gaping armhole!

This is the sweater I made last summer. I used Sinfonia 100% cotton. The pattern called for another brand, but this one worked out fine. Cotton for cotton is OK I guess.

Nice fit in the arms:

What I've learned?

I don't like Classic Elite Believe for knitting. I think it would crochet up nicely. Also, it's pretty heavy. Maybe for a spring sweater with sleeves, but for a summer tank in southern Mississippi? I don't think so.

Never make a sweater from a pattern that shows the FO on a hanger.

Learn how to customize.

Well, on to my next project. (undecided). If I was really motivated, I'd reknit this one and learn from my mistakes. I could customize it. Make those armholes smaller, cast on fewer stitches. Hmmm...


cathych said...

I think that the above sweater just looks a little large, thats all. Try washing it.

Crystal R. R. Edwards said...

Cotton is *so* much heavier that it's almost impossible to swap it for another yarn and have the finished project look recognizable, even with a bit of tweaking. You could make Lillith again using microfiber and it would probably turn out much happier for you. :) Good luck!


vtwopoint5 said...

Interesting because I have about 2 inches done of the Lilith pattern. I'm using the yarn it calls for, but I was thinking it looks pretty big and I swatched.

Nice blog, btw


vtwopoint5 said...

Thanks for commenting in my blog :) I can ramble at times, but it helps clear my head.

I think you are right about Lilith just being big.
Maybe I will make mine longer and wear it over a tshirt....hmm....